The Creation’s Pattern


The Pattern of All Things


Peter in the Patternland


Peter in the Pattern City


The Pattern Pieces

The Pattern Pieces are one page descriptions that introduce different facets of the Pattern.

(The Pattern could be compared to a priceless gem of exquisite beauty which has many different facets.)

The Pattern Pieces describe facets of the Pattern that are in addition to, but also including, those in the three other parts of The Pattern book.

The Pattern of All Things, the science part of The Pattern book, describes the detail of three Pattern models, four Pattern matches as well as five Pattern maps.

Peter in the Patternland, the story part of book, tells the story of Peter’s discovery of the atoms, the genetic code and the spacetime-days to illustrate three main scientific facets of the Pattern.

Peter in the Pattern City, the sequel part of the book, relates Peter’s discovery of the New City to illustrate an important biblical facet of the Pattern.