The Pattern Book

The Pattern Equation Pair
a + b = c & c = b + a

What if there were a universal pattern; just one mould for all that exists? is the electronic book that shows the Pattern of all things

The Pattern is made visible by means of
3D models

The Pattern Cluster
the Basic 3D model THE PATTERN CLUSTER
The Pattern Cube
the Main 3D model THE PATTERN CUBE

The models are manifestations of the Pattern Equation Pair

The Pattern had been verified by matching its models with

  • The atom
  • The genetic code
  • The spacetime
  • The buildings of the Bible The Tabernacle, the Temple & the New City

The Pattern Pieces highlight many of the Pattern's facets

The Pattern Pieces
download THE PIECES pdf (2.33Mb)

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  • The Science: The Pattern of All Things
  • The Story: Peter in the Patternland
  • The Sequel: Peter in the Pattern City